Brian Bellairs

30 years ago, Brian and his wife, Kathy decided they wanted to start a pizza restaurant. While driving around looking for locations, they found a neighborhood called “Murrayhill” and they immediately knew it was the right place. They started up their business and immediately fell in love with Murrayhill and the surrounding area. Fast forward a few years and Brian’s vast experience in business management and background in marketing quickly led him to earning his spot as Murrayhill’s top-selling Realtor. Today he is the #5 Realtor in all of the greater Portland area, out of 10,000 Realtors.


Brian’s team is built of people who he believes to be the best people in the business. They specialize in helping sellers getting their homes ready for the market whether it be staging, repairs, complete or partial remodelling. Thanks to his aggressive business practices, Brian’s listings almost always tend to sell for more money, and much quicker than those of his competitors.